Charlotte Everaert Stylist
hi, nice to meet you.

I am Charlotte Everaert, the face behind Aliceroxy Styling Studio. I am a colourful tastemaker, obsessed by the beauty surrounding us.

I see myself as an aesthetics addict, which is why I love helping my clients in creating the best (visual) content. Being a stylist, I do what I love with 100% dedication.¬†With a constant flux of ideas and concepts, making stories come alive is what I love doing most. Colourful, fun, young and fresh: that’s my style.

I always knew I wanted to pursue a career in fashion. From a young age I was enchanted by clothing, colours and textiles. I got my degree in Communications & Digital Marketing but after graduating, I still felt like I couldn’t fully be my most creative self. Which is why I went to Amsterdam, where I followed a course in fashion styling at Style School By Danie and assisted the great Xaviera Aubri.

As the proud owner of Aliceroxy Styling Studio, I help my clients in choosing the right creative direction, styling and vibe for their concept. Want to see me work my magic? Give me a call or write me an e-mail!