STYLE STORIES | New York pt. 4: Glitter Galore

In February, I went on a trip to New York and created 4 style stories there, each inspired by a New York fashion icon. This is the last part. You can find part one, two and three of my New York Style Stories herehere and here!

On the third day of my New York trip, we explored the bohemian East Village. It was a sunny yet super cold day - I can still remember the feeling of my toes freezing! The final post of my New York style stories is inspired by the street style fashion circus and their over-the-top looks. I chose to go full on glitter mode.

Next to prints, my other fashion obsession is everything sparkling, glittering and iridescent. Silver is my favorite color and I love to shine bright like a diamond - literally. I put on my bestie's BOY hat - in an ironical reversed way, my Jutka & Riska sunglasses and my triangle earrings from Asos as accessories. My amazing mermaid skirt is from H&M, the silver shoes and clutch from Zara and the socks from COS. The fur coat is vintage.

So, what's your opinion on my glitter look?
xo, Charlotte 

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CITY GAL | Madrid: The Hovse concept store

In December, I went on a trip to Madrid to visit a friend and to celebrate my birthday - it was my sunniest birthday ever, 17°C on December 22nd! I didn't really plan a lot in advance for this trip but I did write down some hotspots that I gathered from blogs and Instagram. Cup Of Couple's Instagram is full of breakfast places, nice stores and more. Their pictures are breathtaking, be sure to check out their blog too!

The Hovse is a concept store that was only there for a month, I was lucky enough to be able to visit it. I bought a cute necklace for my mum and took a lot of pictures because the interior was so inspiring. The Hovse was located in a town house in Madrid's residential area of Salamanca. Each room in the three-story building had a different function: there was a restaurant, a gin & vermouth bar, a space with design and decoration stuff, another had children's clothes & toys, one with women's clothing, ... You get the picture. The fact that they sold pieces made by 80 different designers made it even better. I love discovering such pretty places on a city trip and really, Madrid is FULL of them.

xo, Charlotte 

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STYLE STORIES | New York part 3: Sixties Style in the Waldorf Astoria

In February, I went on a trip to New York and created 4 style stories there, each inspired by a New York fashion icon. This is the third part. You can find part one and two of my New York Style Stories here & here.

Part three of my New York style stories was inspired by sixties it girl Edie Sedgwick aka Andy Warhol's muse. It must have been amazing to live in NYC in the sixties: wearing mini skirts, fur jackets, statement earrings and heavy eye make-up while so much is going on in the art scene. These pictures were taken in front of and inside the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, a breathtaking art deco hotel which reminded me of The Great Gatsby. There even was a Vanderbilt Room. How fancy is that?

In order to create the ultimate color popping sixties outfit, I combined my silver skirt from Asos with a top from H&M Trend. I love mixing bright yellow with pastel pink, I think it's a killer color combo. The chelsea boots and the yellow faux fur jacket are from Zara. The neoprene bag is from Essentiel, the earrings from H&M (!) and I bought the faux fur scarf in Urban Outfitters during my trip.

P.S. If you like the sixties and its style you should definitely watch Factory Girl, a movie about Edie's life.
P.P.S. Finally, a pic with a yellow cab in the background! YAY!

xo, Charlotte 

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City Gal | Where to go in Brooklyn, NYC

Vera Meat, quirky jewelry store in Brooklyn.
It. was. cold.
Toby's Estate Coffee

Brooklyn is raw, some might even call it dirty. Wandering through the streets of Bushwick, Greenpoint and Williamsburg, I felt like I was in Berlin. Both cities share the industrial atmosphere and the fact that you can stumble upon hidden gems at any time. Brooklyn is filled with street art, warehouses, hipsters with beards and the most exotic grocery stores. It's a good area if you're looking for a perfectly brewed coffee or a unique vintage find. Or if you just like staring at bearded guys.

Here's a list of my favorite stores, restaurants and bars in Brooklyn.

  • Beacon's closet for the nicest vintage treasures. 74 Guernsey Street
  • Verameat is the store of jewelry designer Vera Balyura. Here you can find handmade silver and gold necklaces, earrings and piercings in the quirkiest designs. 132 North 5th Street
  • Brooklyn Flea is a flea market that takes place every Saturday and Sunday. 1000 Dean Street
  • In the mood for vintage shopping? Just walk down Bedford Avenue and you will find a bunch of nice shops.
  • People of 2morrow is the prettiest vintage shop you'll ever see. 65 Franklin Street
  • Artists & Flea is another flea market where independent designers are selling their goods. 70 North 7th Street
  • BLKYN Curated is an interior decoration store, located on 88 Franklin Street.
  • Bird is a boutique with brands such as Alexander Wang, Isabel Marant, 3.1 Phillip Lim and many more. 203 Grand Street
  • About Glamour is cool clothing store with an art gallery in it. 107 North 3rd Street
Restaurant & Bars
  • Williamsburger Grill Inc for delicious burgers. 338 Bedford Avenue
  • Roberta's has the best pizza in Brooklyn. 261 Moore Street
  • At ISA they serve healthy food in a cosy atmosphere. 348 Wythe Avenue
  • Tutu's serves burgers and more. Be sure to check if they have any events while you're there. They host parties every Friday and Saturday night. Don't bring your beer outside because then you will get kicked out - which unfortunately happened to us. 25 Bogart Street
  • Glasserie serves healthy, Ottolenghi-like food in a former glass factory. 95 Commercial Street 
  • The Wythe Hotel - Rooftop bar the Ides for the perfect view on Manhattan's skyline as you saw in my previous post80 Wythe Avenue
  • Achilles' Heel for good gin & tonics. 180 West Street
  • At Paulie Gee they serve delicious oven-baked pizzas. 60 Greenpoint Avenue
Breakfast, coffee and bagels

PS: Just by walking around in Williamsburg and Greenpoint, the two places with the highest hipster density per square meter in NYC, you'll stumble upon great shops and places to hang out. Let me know if you have any tips for whenever I go back to the city!
xo, Charlotte 

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